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Harnessing Global Investments & Firechat with Dilip Vengsarkar on May 16th

You are invited to a keynote on harnessing global investments and a unique firechat session with cricket legend Dilip Vengsarkar, first to score three centuries at Lord's against England, aptly nicknamed the Lord of Lord's. Furthermore, we shall hold a charity auction featuring a bat signed by the victorious 1983 World Cup team!
16th May - London Speyside Capital

Harnessing Global Investments

Speyside Capital, Scotland’s Whisky Asset Manager for select high net worth clients, in collaboration with Sapient Finserv, is excited to launch whisky casks and make it available to Sapient’s 33,000 clients across India.

Amit Bivalkar, the founder of Sapient Finserv and a pioneer in India’s wealth management sector with an impressive £1 billion Assets Under Management (AUM), will deliver a keynote address to global investors, where he will discuss:

  • The significance of GIFT CITY and its International Financial Services Centre (IFSC)
  • The regulatory environment and India’s readiness to engage with the global economy.
  • India’s eagerness to invest internationally, starting with Speyside Capital and Scottish Whisky Casks, which contributes up to 2.7% of the GDP of the United Kingdom.


16th May - London Speyside Capital
Paul Kopec

Speyside Capital

16th May - London Speyside Capital
Amit Bivalkar

Sapient Finserv

16th May - London Speyside Capital
Dilip Vengsarkar

Indian Cricketer

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