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- Unlock the potential of Scotland's most sought-after distilleries with our exclusive Whisky Asset Management service, specialising in new and rare whisky casks.

Invest in the world's fastest-growing alternative asset class with Speyside Capital's Scotch whisky cask investment.

Our highly experienced team works with clients to build fully diversified portfolios of exclusive casks perfectly aligned with their risk appetite and broader asset base.

Cask Investment Speyside Capital

Cask whisky investments can be purchased with multiple distilleries allowing investors to build balanced portfolios.

Cask whisky management involves acquiring, ageing, and selling whisky casks as investments. The process typically starts with acquiring whisky casks from a distillery, often at a young age. The casks are then stored in bonded warehouses for years to allow the whisky to mature. During this time, the whisky is periodically sampled and tested to ensure it ages correctly and determine the optimal time to sell the cask.

Once the whisky has reached its peak maturity, the cask can be sold to investors looking to add alternative assets to their investment portfolios or to independent bottlers who regularly source aged casks for new Single Malt whisky releases.  

The whisky industry produces and sells whisky to distributors and consumers worldwide, with a portion of the production earmarked for cask whisky management. Distilleries, brokers, and independent bottlers are responsible for sourcing and ageing whisky casks, and they work with alternative asset managers like Speyside Capital to bring these investments to market.

The value of whisky casks is determined by various factors, including the age and quality of the whisky, the distillery where it was produced, and the overall market demand for whisky investments. Rare and limited-edition casks can command incredibly high prices at auction and are highly sought after by collectors and investors alike.

Cask whisky management offers an exciting investment opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and potentially generate strong returns. With the guidance of an experienced alternative asset manager like Speyside Capital, investors can access some of the world’s most desirable and exclusive cask whisky investments.


Cask Investment Speyside Capital
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Whisky is proven to be the best performing alternative asset of the decade.

Cask Investment Speyside Capital
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Invest in the biggest and highest-value distilleries in the industry with Speyside Capital

Bottles and Casks from these distilleries, as well as rare and limited-edition releases, can command incredibly high prices at auction and are highly sought after by collectors and investors.

Cask Investment Speyside Capital

Whisky Cask Portfolio

Premium cask investment in new or aged single malt Scotch whisky casks at wholesale rates.


Key Benefits
Cask Investment Speyside Capital

Whisky Bottle Portfolio

Complement your portfolio with collectable pre-bottled whisky sourced from Scotland’s 140 distillers and over 40 exclusive independent bottlers.

Key Benefits
Cask Investment Speyside Capital

Diversified Portfolio

Truly diversify your portfolio with a carefully constructed diversified portfolio of Casks and bottles from multiple distilleries and bottlers.

Key Benefits

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