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We provide access to rare and exclusive casks of Scotch Whisky to help our clients build a unique and lucrative Scotch Whisky portfolio. 

What We Do

Speyside Capital is a leading, family-owned Whisky cask management company, headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland. We specialise in Scottish Single Malt whisky cask acquisition, offering bespoke portfolio advice and whisky-sourcing services to individual investors, partners & whisky enthusiasts/collectors.

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We simplify Whisky Cask ownership and investment,
taking care of everything from purchase to exit.

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Cask Acquisition

Our dedicated team of experts manage distillery relationships to bring you the opportunity to purchase rare and exclusive Scotch Whisky casks, creating a bespoke and lucrative portfolio you can be proud of.

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Portfolio Creation

After a Discovery Call, your dedicated Account Manager and our Portfolio Manager, Ryan, will carefully build a unique Scotch Whisky Portfolio for you, tailored to your budget and risk tolerance.

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Compliance and Regulation

Scotch Whisky is heavily regulated, with many compliance procedures and regulations to be adhered too. We take care of everything for you, ensuring all boxes are ticked and your Whisky remains regulated within the industry.

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Storage and Insurance

5 years of storage and insurance are automatically included within your purchase. Casks are carefully stored in optimal conditions within our Government bonded warehouses throughout Scotland.

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Quality Assurance

Our dedicated Technical team carefully monitor the progress of your casks during your holding period. Regular warehouse visits allow us to ensure the environment, cask and Whisky are all maturing perfectly.

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Exit Strategies

There are multiple exit strategies available to you when you are ready. Whether you want to sell on for profit or bottle your very own Whisky for a special occassion or enjoyment, we’ll support you.

We have a global reach and specialise in servicing and advising clients in the Gulf region, Southeast Asia and India.

We help investors in all four corners of the globe by leveraging our location and proximity to Scotland’s biggest distilleries, bringing our clients unparalleled access to rare and desirable Scotch whisky assets.

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Take control and monitor your Whisky Portfolio with our leading client portal mySpeyside.

Monitor and expand your Whisky Portfolio with mySpeyside.

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