Technical Services

Technical Services Offered by Speyside Capital

Speyside Capital, led by Technical Director Ian Evans and a team of industry experts, offers a comprehensive suite of technical services tailored to meet the needs of clients in various sectors. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we provide end-to-end solutions spanning from field to glass.

Technical Services Speyside Capital

Raw Materials and Specification Assessment

We assist in defining and evaluating the specifications of raw materials used in your production processes, ensuring optimal quality and suitability.

Recipe Design

Our team excels in developing customised recipes tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal product formulation and consistency.

Plant Specification and Installation

We provide expertise in planning, designing, and installing production plants, ensuring efficiency, scalability and adherence to industry standards.

Distillery Design

Speyside Capital specialises in distillery design, optimising equipment layouts and process flows to enhance productivity and maximise output.

Yield Improvement

Our experts employ innovative techniques and process optimisation strategies to help you enhance yields, minimise waste and increase operational efficiency.

Liquid Specification and Quality Assessment

We offer comprehensive assessment and analysis of liquid products, ensuring adherence to quality standards and identifying areas for improvement.

Technical Services Speyside Capital

New Product Development

Our team works closely with you to conceptualise, develop, and launch new products, leveraging our technical expertise and market insights.

Technical Services Speyside Capital


When challenges arise, our technical experts provide rapid troubleshooting support, diagnosing issues and offering practical solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.

Technical Services Speyside Capital

Packing and Bottle Design

We assist in designing packaging solutions that align with your brand identity while optimising bottling efficiency and ensuring product integrity.

Technical Services Speyside Capital

Waste Water Treatment

Speyside Capital offers expertise in wastewater treatment solutions, including anaerobic digestion (AD), aerobic treatment, and reverse osmosis, helping you meet environmental regulations and reduce your environmental footprint.

Technical Services Speyside Capital

Planning and Regulatory Advice

We provide guidance and advisory services on planning and regulatory matters, ensuring compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards.

Technical Services Speyside Capital

Cask Husbandry / Maturation Loss

Our team possesses specialised knowledge in cask management and minimising maturation loss, helping you optimise the maturation process and preserve the quality and character of your spirits.

Technical Services Speyside Capital

Ian Evans

Technical Director

Ian Evans, Technical Product Director at Speyside Capital, is a highly respected spirits industry veteran with a wealth of experience. Ian’s career spans several decades, during which he held prominent roles at renowned distilleries, breweries, and industry organisations, demonstrating exceptional expertise and leadership.

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