Bladnoch Distillery

- Bladnoch, Scotland

About Bladnoch Distillery

Bladnoch distillery, established in 1817 in Scotland’s Wigtownshire region, is celebrated for its exceptional whisky. After a period of closure, it was revitalized in 2015 under David Prior’s leadership. Bladnoch’s commitment to traditional craftsmanship, locally sourced ingredients, and skilled distillers result in whiskies of remarkable quality, depth, and complexity. From delicate and floral to robust and peaty, their range caters to diverse palates. The distillery’s emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices further distinguishes it. Bladnoch’s rich history, dedication to tradition, and commitment to excellence make it a cherished gem among whisky enthusiasts worldwide.

Founded: 1817
Region: Lowland
Distillery Status: Working
Water Source: River Bladnoch

Bladnoch Whisky Cask Ownership - The Facts

Bladnoch is a renowned distillery located in Scotland with a rich heritage in producing fine whiskies. The rarity and quality of their products makes them desirable to collectors and enthusiasts, only increasing their value over time.

Whisky typically gains value as it ages and matures in the cask. The longer it remains in the cask, the more it has the potential to develop complexity and depth of flavors. We offer cask purchase programs that allow you to select the type of cask and aging duration, providing you with control over the maturation process.

Buying a cask allows you to own a unique piece of Bladnoch’s Kirkcowan Spirit production and a part of Bladnoch’s history. As the availability of aged and limited-edition whiskies decreases over time, the scarcity of these bottles can drive up their value.

Whisky has experienced growing popularity worldwide, particularly with the rise of collectors and investors seeking alternative assets. If the demand for premium Scotch whisky remains strong or continues to increase, it could positively impact the investment potential of your Kirkcowan Spirit (Bladnoch) cask. Recently we have seen the price of a standard bottle of Bladnoch rise from £40 to £80.

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