Ryan Nicolson


About Ryan

Ryan Nicolson, born Glaswegian, seasoned whisky enthusiast and industry professional, is the accomplished Portfolio Manager responsible for whisky valuations and overseeing all aspects of the whisky portfolio at Speyside Capital. With a deep-rooted passion for the art of whisky, Ryan’s expertise and dedication are instrumental in driving the organisation’s success.

As Portfolio Manager at Speyside Capital, Ryan brings over 8 years of experience from his tenure at SWA- Scottish Whisky Auctions, Scotland’s largest whisky auction house. His extensive knowledge in valuations, stock management, distribution, and event organisation makes him an invaluable asset to the team.

Ryan’s unwavering commitment to the whisky industry is evident through his proactive approach to research and procurement of new product lines, continuous industry study, and ability to foster positive client relationships. With a keen eye for detail and exceptional leadership skills, Ryan ensures efficient operations and contributes to Speyside Capital’s business strategy.

As a dynamic and innovative industry professional, Ryan actively conducts events globally, showcasing his passion for whisky and creating memorable client experiences. His track record of excellence, coupled with his profound understanding of the whisky market, positions him as a trusted expert within the industry.

With a relentless drive and commitment to delivering exceptional results, Ryan is a valuable asset to Speyside Capital, contributing to our continued growth and success in the whisky industry.

Ryan Nicolson Speyside Capital
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