Manoj Karkhanis


About Manoj

Manoj has had an extensive career, with experience in sales and management at Xerox and entrepreneurship in various industries such as speciality finance, payment processing, mobile wallets, and business process outsourcing. His first client in the UK was in Kilmarnock in 2004; his love for Scottish whisky seems to have grown from his early days in Scotland, where the beautiful landscapes of Loch Lomond enamoured him. He is the Chairman of Speyside Capital. He sees this as an opportunity to share the joy of whisky with people in his native motherland, India.

Manoj wants to help investors diversify their portfolios by building bespoke scotch whisky investment portfolios and help whisky collectors hold their whisky in bonded warehouses in Scotland and Ireland, allowing them to sell in casks, bottle it or enjoy it in its aged form with others.

At Speyside Capital, we want to share the spirit that rocks the world with as many people as possible, whether through investing or simply enjoying a good dram.

Manoj Karkhanis Speyside Capital
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