Speyside Capital Sponsor WhiskyPlus

In the ever-evolving world of whisky, we are delighted to play our role as sponsors of WhiskyPlus – Malaysia’s biggest Whisky show taking place on 9 September 2023 in Kuala Lumpur.

As we seek to continually help shape exceptional experiences for Whisky enthusiasts and investors, our support to WhiskyPlus ensures the event can continue to take whisky appreciation to new heights.

Our partnership is a testament to Speyside Capital’s commitment to not only the investment aspect of whisky but also the immersive and experiential aspects that make whisky truly captivating.


WhiskyPlus is more than an event; it’s an experience that encapsulates the essence of whisky culture. Through curated tastings, masterclasses and engaging discussions, attendees gain insights into the diverse world of whisky. 

Look out for us on the wrists of WhiskyPlus attendees, plus all WhiskyPlus attendees will have the rare opportunity to win a scotch Whisky cask and reap the personal and financial benefits Whisky investment brings. 

You’ll find us alongside main show sponsors Bluestar AMG at WhiskyPlus. Be sure to visit the stand to bridge the gap between Whisky and investment, and discover investments you can truly rely on.

So, raise a glass to Speyside Capital and WhiskyPlus, a partnership that’s enriching the whisky journey for all!

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