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- Elevate your investment portfolio with our expertly curated collection of rare and desirable whisky bottles from Scotland's most sought-after distilleries, managed by our dedicated Whisky Asset Management service.

Discover the exclusive world of rare and desirable Scottish whiskies with our expert Whisky Asset Management service, focused on sourcing and managing rare bottles from Scotland's most coveted distilleries.

Scotch whisky bottle management is the process of acquiring and managing bottles of rare and collectable Scotch whisky as an investment. This involves purchasing bottles of whisky from auctions, brokers, or private collectors and storing them in a secure and controlled environment until they can be sold at a profit.

The whisky industry works by producing and bottling Scotch whisky for a variety of customers, including whisky companies, independent bottlers, and collectors. Rare and collectable bottles of Scotch whisky are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts and can command high prices at auction.

Investing in Scotch whisky bottles requires a thorough understanding of the market, including the factors influencing prices, such as age, rarity, and quality. As An experienced alternative asset manager, Speyside Capital provide investors with guidance and support throughout the process, from acquiring bottles to managing them and selling them for a profit. 

Whisky bottle investments can be bought and sold as individual bottlings or collections, allowing investors to build diverse portfolios of unique whisky on the secondary market.


Bottle Investment Speyside Capital
Rare Whisky Icon 100 Index -

Whisky has been proven to outperform the stock market and the property market.

With almost every country in the world drinking whisky in 2021 and export figures rising, we can only expect that growth to continue upwards. 

Bottle Investment Speyside Capital
These figures are sourced from Scotch Whisky Industry Review, FTSE All-Share Total Returns Index, HM Land Registry and put together by Whisky Invest Direct.

Invest in rare and exclusive bottles from Scotland's most coveted distilleries with Speyside Capital.

Bottles from these distilleries, as well as rare and limited-edition releases, can command incredibly high prices at auction and are highly sought after by collectors and investors.

Bottle Investment Speyside Capital

Whisky Cask Portfolio

Premium cask investment in new or aged single malt Scotch whisky casks at wholesale rates.


Key Benefits
Bottle Investment Speyside Capital

Whisky Bottle Portfolio

Complement your portfolio with collectable pre-bottled whisky sourced from Scotland’s 140 distillers and over 40 exclusive independent bottlers.

Key Benefits
Bottle Investment Speyside Capital

Diversified Portfolio

Truly diversify your portfolio with a carefully constructed diversified portfolio of Casks and bottles from multiple distilleries and bottlers.

Key Benefits

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